Dashlo, is the first and only platform designed and built exclusively for enterprises.

Dashlo revolutionizes standards by reducing costs by more than 75% compared to traditional management.

Dashlo is the solution you didn't expect but you've always been looking for.

Legal portfolio control

All controlled legal activities with delay alerts and deadlines

Online update

External professionals can update their activity directly online and on the business platform


The 20-year experience has led to an extreme simplification in the management of legal procedures

Independence and historical archive

Documents, data, progress statuses are kept at the company

Multiple areas

The platform manages the legal area, credit taxation and commercial data of contentious


All portfolio data in a single dashboard to simplify operability and statistics

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Dashlo is the change that helps you every day

Dashlo tells a new way to employ your time
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Dashlo is with you even beyond your office
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