Profilo Logo Experience

In partnership with Profilo

Takes you to the best Italian golf courses

At Dashlo, time is precious.
We have created a platform that saves your time
and now we give you relaxation, health and beautiful landscapes

Profilo Logo Experience

A friendly event organized on tour in the best Italian golf courses where our dealers will meet their entrepreneurs customers on a pleasant walk on the green and a qualified approach to the extraordinary and exclusive world of golf participating in the

Golf Company Days

The module consists in two moments

Golf Clinic

For the duration of 2 hours during which a PGAI master develops the following program:

  • introduction to the game
  • illustrating the basic rules of golf
  • basic lesson on swing and first shooting
  • tests in Driving Range

Putting Green Contest

This is a real race on our Putting Green on the 9-hole length.
Nice Profile Golf Experience Tour Tributes will be offered to the Winners.

See you on the green

Katarzyna Bogdanska
C.E.O. Dashlo S.P. Z.o.o.

In partnership with Profilo we are the Main Sponsor of the European Interbank Golf Meeting because we share its values ​​of knowledge, friendship, love for sport in a healthy and friendly competition.

Next year the competition will be held in the magnificent Italian territory and we will all meet at the:
Golf Club di ASOLO (TV)
dal 3 al 7 maggio2020
19th European Interbank Golf Meeting

Golf Meeting Interbancario Europeo